2024 American Innovation Dollar Images Unveiled

The United States Mint has revealed photos of the 2024 American Innovation dollars as they are in the process of preparing themselves to present their next items for coin collectors. Inventions that originated in the states of Illinois, Alabama, Maine, and Missouri are honored with these one dollar coins.

The steel plow, Saturn V rocket, direct current defibrillator, and George Washington Carver, an eminent agricultural scientist, inventor, and educator, are depicted on each state's dollar.

Since 2018, the multi-year series of dollars has included reverse designs that honor America's pioneers from all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and the five U.S. territories. Learn about the U.S. Mint program.

First 2024 items bearing one of the four $1 coins will be Illinois dollar rolls and bags on Jan. 25. In spring, summer, and autumn, Innovation will release rolls and bags for each of the other 2024 dollars and proof and reverse proof sets including all four.

On the Illinois $1 Coin, there is a big steel plow blade that is attached to a beam and bracing that are oriented in the right direction. A field of dirt and a stand of Big Bluestem prairie grass can be seen below the plow, which is located behind it.

The intensity and energy of the Saturn V rocket as it lifts off is depicted on the Alabama $1 Coin, which also has a depiction of the Moon in the background of the coin.

A profile image of Dr. Bernard Lown is featured on the Maine $1 Coin, and below it is a picture of his direct current defibrillator in operation.

George Washington Carver is seen on the Missouri $1 Coin with a gentle smile on his face as he conducts an examination of a sample of his work in his laboratory. The leaves, blooms, and fruits of a peanut plant are intertwined with various pieces of various scientific apparatus.

Phebe Hemphill is responsible for the sculpting of the principal obverse (heads side) components, which are shared by all of the $1 coins in the series. Justin Kunz is the designer of these elements. The words "IN GOD WE TRUST" and "$1" are engraved on them, and they include a profile image of the Statue of Liberty.

A stylized gear privy mark, which represents industry and innovation, is also included on the obverse side of the dollar bill, with the exception of the debut 2018 dollar. There is a small variation in the portrayal of the gear from year to year.

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