8 Superfoods to Add to Your Grocery List

Yellow Flower

"Fruits and veggies can significantly reduce the risk of serious health issues and boost longevity.

"A 30-year study shows a 13% lower risk of early death with 5 daily servings of fruits and vegetables."

Study Findings

"Despite the benefits, 90% of Americans fall short of the recommended 5 daily servings."

Consumption Gap

"Buying in-season produce and opting for frozen or canned options can save money without sacrificing health."

Budget-Friendly Tips

"Spring brings asparagus at its best price. It's versatile for cooking and rich in folate for pregnancy health."

Asparagus Season

"Cabbage, a budget-friendly vegetable, is great for soups and coleslaw, offering cancer-fighting nutrients."

Cabbage: A Cost-Effective Choice

"Fresh spring carrots enhance snacks and dishes, providing essential vitamin A for eye health."

Carrots for Vision

"Collard greens, rich in vitamin K, support bone health but require caution with blood thinners."

Collard Greens' Benefits

"Fresh peas offer a springtime boost of fiber and protein, perfect for adding a green touch to meals."

Peas: Protein and Fiber

"Add a peppery crunch with radishes to salads and dishes, packed with vitamin C for immunity."

Radish: The Peppery Crunch

"Baby spinach, a spring staple, is perfect for salads, offering a low-calorie, nutrient-dense option."

Spinach: A Nutrient Powerhouse

"Enjoy the early sweetness of strawberries, rich in brain-boosting flavonoids, in various meals."

Strawberries: The Early Sweet

"Incorporate these seasonal picks into your diet for health and savings. Eat smart, live longer!"