A.J. Brown and Nick Sirianni, along with DeVonta Smith, as he moves to the next level

Three years into his NFL career, DeVonta Smith has been everything advertised. He still feels his game can be improved. “I would say, yeah,” Smith told NBC Sports Philadelphia Friday. “You've seen it sometimes. That simply boils down to getting the ball into space. That’s it.”

The Eagles selected Smith with the No. 10 selection in 2021 after his Heisman Trophy season. He was the Eagles' top receiver as a rookie, catching 64 catches for 916 yards. After adding A.J. Brown, he's become even better, rushing for over 1,000 yards in 2022 and 2023.

“I would say just continue to be on the same page as the quarterback,” he said. “Having the timing down pat, just making sure we’re on the same page, speaking the same language.

Smith has known Jalen Hurts since Alabama, and Hurts has started his first three NFL seasons as the starting quarterback. No matter their length of time together, Smith said quarterbacks and receivers still need development. “You’re never where you want to be,” Smith added. There's always space for improvement. We can constantly improve.”

Smith had his greatest season in 2022 with 1,196 yards and remarkable yards after reception. He averaged 5.2 YAC/R in 2022 but 3.6 in 2023. Nick Sirianni confessed the offensive grew “stale” over the season, which likely caused it.

To freshen up the offense in 2024, the Eagles changed coaches. After one season, they dismissed Brian Johnson and hired Kellen Moore, a former Cowboy and Charger.

Smith knows little about Moore but isn't anxious about learning a new offense. He called football football. The return of head coach Nick Sirianni excites Smith. He stated he gets along well with the Eagles' coach.

“I think Nick’s a great coach,” Smith added. “He does a lot of situational things that people don't see and understand that keep this team happy. He does a lot of situational things well to put players in the appropriate spots.