Accessibility and support are provided via modified poses for chair yoga.

Chair yoga is adapted for people with mobility, balance, or other difficulties. It supports and adapts traditional yoga positions with a chair, making it accessible to all ages and abilities. Common chair yoga modified positions and their benefits:

Sitting Mountain Pose: Sit comfortably on the chair with feet flat. Engage core, lengthen spine, and raise arms. Increases posture, spine flexibility, and breath awareness.

Sitting Forward Bend: Place your feet hip-width apart on the chair edge. Hips hinge and fold forward, reaching toward the floor or shins. Benefits: Back and hamstring stretching, relaxation.

Sitting Twist: Seat with feet resting on the floor. Hold onto the chair back and twist your upper body. Promotes spinal mobility and organ massage.

Cat-Cow Chair Stretch: With hands on knees, sit on the chair. Inhale cow-like and expel cat-like. Spinal flexibility and warmth are improved.

Sitting Leg Lifts: Sit straight-backed on the chair. Each leg should be lifted straight in front. Increases quadriceps strength and circulation.

Chair Savasana: Relaxation Rest your feet on the floor. Close your eyes, relax, and monitor your breath. Helps relax and reduce stress.

Chair yoga is flexible for people with different needs due to these modified poses. Listen to your body, modify as needed, and consult a doctor or yoga instructor if you have health concerns. Chair yoga is a moderate and accessible style of yoga that can be done at home or in a group.

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