Analyzing the Contributing Factors of Menopause that Result in Abdominal Fat Accumulation.(Part-2)

Muscle mass naturally declines with age. Menopause hormones can accelerate this process, reducing lean muscle tissue. Reduced muscle mass reduces the body's capacity to burn calories, causing weight gain and belly fat.

Menopause can cause stress, anxiety, and mood swings. Emotional factors may affect eating and lifestyle habits that affect belly fat.

Abdominal fat buildup during menopause requires multiple approaches:

Regular Exercise: Aerobic and strength-training workouts enhance metabolism, maintain muscle mass, and manage weight.

Weight management during menopause requires a balanced diet. Limit portion sizes and eat nutrient-dense foods.

Healthcare practitioners may offer hormone replacement treatment (HRT) to treat hormonal abnormalities and symptoms.

Meditation and yoga can assist control emotional problems that may cause belly obesity.

For individualized menopausal and abdominal fat management advice, consult a doctor. A customized approach to hormonal shifts is frequently the best way to control symptoms and improve well-being.

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