Concerns that women have during sexual encounters

It is a question that every man has sought to answer, particularly when it comes to sexual affairs, and that is the question of what women want.

It is possible that having a clear knowledge of what your girlfriend wants might be problematic, but it is not an unduly difficult task.

However, research reveals that women have a few particular things that they care about when it comes to sex and personal relationships. This is an unexpected finding. Now, let's take a look at a few areas that women are unquestionably concerned about.

Longer foreplay than kissing is what women want. Foreplay may stimulate ladies for hot activity in bed by starting with gradual kisses and ending with a passionate kiss.

Not all women seek gentleness. Many women prefer hard activity to vanilla sex, which is surprising. Blindfolding or Fifty Shades of Grey BDSM tactics will make ladies adore hard bed treatment. However, assuming such might be problematic, thus permission is always required.

All women want to hear “you look pretty” but “you're amazing in bed” they'll murder for. She will feel confident, brave, and attractive when complimented on her style, figure, and sex. What else? You'll get brownie points in bed with her crazy confidence!

Surprise your wife at home when she gets home from work. She wants your affection and excitement. Slowly undress her and lift her up in a macho way to make her lustful. This technique of carrying her to the bedroom will cause trouble.

Not always about guys, but fantastic oral sex may always leave your wife wanting more. More sexual stimulation from oral sex improves orgasm chances. You'll know how to add finger-action! *winks*

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