Exciting information about sexuality that you were previously unaware of

Sex is, without a shadow of a doubt, the finest. It is likely the most personal and close-knit type of love that may exist between lovers. The secret to a successful and happy relationship lies in this one thing.

Sexual activity is not only beneficial to one's health, but it also provides a sense of pleasure and fulfillment. In spite of this, the vast majority of individuals are not aware of the fundamental realities that are associated with sexual activity.

It is quite possible that you were not aware of the disturbing truth that we are about to disclose with you regarding sexuality.

Fancies of getting it on for an hour are phony. The optimal penetrative sex time is 8–13 minutes. The typical pair can orgasm during this time. You can always improve your bedtime performance.

Want post-workout sex? Stop thinking. You won't weary. After an exercise, testosterone and estrogen levels rise and sex organ blood circulation rises. This dramatically increases your sex drive and self-esteem, making you feel confident during sex.

Now you know why some women orgasm slowly or fake it. Researchers found that masturbating takes 4–5 minutes, whereas orgasming takes 12–20 minutes. It depends on sexual arousal.

Condoms prevent unplanned pregnancies, STDs, and STIs and are incredibly pleasurable. Modern condoms are developed for maximum sexual enjoyment and protection. Dotted, ribbed, lubricated condoms and more make bedtime exciting for you and your lover.

Studies show that people deny experiencing sex dreams, yet the number is more than we think. Sex dreams account for 10% of dreams and are more common among sexually active or romantically involved persons. Having a sex fantasy is often embarrassing.

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