He intends to make a return in the National Football League.

Le'Veon Bell's last game in the NFL was in 2021. The year 2024 is his desired comeback. In a recent Snapchat video, Bell expressed his desire to play in the NFL again. His goal is to commit to playing for a single team.

"I will not begin training until approximately March," Bell stated, as reported by SI.com. Plus, I'm going to be really forthright with you: I need to get my feet wet. Am I aware of it? Where is the pain? Can I return to playing at a high level?

 And listen, I'm telling you straight up that I'm going to be the best version of myself when I enter the gym in March and, if I decide to return to the NFL in April, you better believe it. Also, that one team is the only one I'll return for. Who is it? Everyone here knows. "No team" is an unnecessary statement. Everyone is aware of who it is.

To be more precise, I think he's talking about the Steelers. When he was a sophomore at Michigan State in 2013, that team took him in the second round of the draft. When Bell was a sophomore, he rushed for over 2,200 yards. That year, he was chosen to the All-Pro team.

For the second year in a row, he was named to the All-Pro team in 2017 despite still wearing the franchise tag. He achieved unrestricted free agency in 2019 after sitting out the full season the previous year. After that, he inked a $52.5 million, four-year deal with the New York Jets.

Bell was released by the Jets during the 2020 season following a dismal debut season with the team. At year's end, he was a Chief. In 2020, he divided time between the Ravens and the Buccaneers. In 2022 and 2023, he sat out the NFL season.

In the two years after his last fight, Bell has fought many times. Future Hall of Fame running back Adrian Peterson was defeated by Bell in a fifth-round technical knockout bout in September 2022.

Nonetheless, Bell faces an uphill battle. February 18 is his 32nd birthday. For NFL running backs, that's ancient history, particularly for those without a game in two years and a high-level performance in six.