Her ex-husband received a temporary restraining order from US Rep. Lauren Boebert.

Denver — Rep. Lauren Boebert has a temporary restraining order against her ex-husband Jayson Boebert for threatening to hurt her and entering the family home without permission, the latest in a series of fights.

Congresswoman Boebert, a far-right Republican and Trump admirer, relocated districts in December to avoid a tough reelection battle. She claimed family turmoil as another reason for her transfer from Silt, Colorado, to Windsor, New York.

The judge's interim restraining order, which might be made permanent on Thursday, protected the couple's three younger boys.

Her plea cited their Jan. 6 restaurant altercation in which he claimed she had struck him, which he later recanted and police later ruled untrue. According to court filings, Jayson Boebert was uncooperative when police came to the restaurant and charged with disorderly behavior, third-degree criminal trespass, and obstructing a peace officer.

The restraining order is new to Jayson Boebert. He texted The Associated Press that he cleaned the house before “her Granny” arrived. He claimed to have been the restaurant victim. I never wanted to hurt Lauren; I only wanted tranquility.

He also claimed his ex-wife used the restraining order to “justify” her congressional district change.

Boebert mentioned a Jan. 9 fight between her ex-husband and their 18-year-old son in her request. Jayson Boebert reportedly took a rifle and departed while their son contacted police, court records show

Case records charge Jayson Boebert with harassment, restricted weapon usage, and third-degree assault. That fight did not involve Lauren Boebert.