How much will the Dolphins pay Tua Tagovailoa long-term?

Reextending the partnership beyond 2024 is one thing for the team and athlete. It's another thing for the team and athlete to agree on contract worth and structure.

Where does Tua rank among seasoned quarterbacks? Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow leads the market at $55 million per year. Jimmy Garoppolo, at $24.25 million, is far from the average seasoned quarterback. From $35 million to $45 million, many cluster. New bargains and greater yearly averages are coming to some.

The Dolphins may want a long-term agreement with a high APY that allows them a way out after one or two years. That prevents Tua from regressing and allows them to maintain him if he plays well.

Several teams have employed that. A year-to-year deal for Geno Smith in Seattle. Daniel Jones may leave the Giants after 2024. The Saints can use Derek Carr.

Tua expects $23.171 million in 2024. If desired, the Dolphins may keep him at that number and then decide long-term. They may franchise in 2025.

Eventually, he deserves multi-year security. He may deserve it now. Give him two years of security at $40 million with the option to leave after 2025 or remain at a higher rate.

Another thing to know about quarterback contracts. Salary caps keep rising. $40 million a year for a quarterback isn't bad. Soon, the market will reach $60 million and rise

However it unfolds, Tua's new agreement will have a reported value and the truth, which may let Miami to adjust it after the first year or two.