Issues that arise for married couples that have significant age gaps between them

Whenever society, family, and friends refuse to accept a couple's decision to marry someone with a significant age gap, the marriages of those couples are inevitably going to have some difficulties.

It is possible for married couples with significant age gaps to remain united and relatively strong in the face of society's condemning stares; nevertheless, there are instances when they are also obliged to bow to cruel perceptions and customs.

In light of this, we would like to bring to your notice some of the most common problems that married couples face as a consequence of this.

Couples face harsh judgment from society. Some call them gold diggers or marry for sexual reasons. Their choices will be criticized. They may even criticize the parents for letting their children marry this way!

People around the pair will blame the age gap for disputes and marriage troubles. This is superfluous, yet many won't spare a criticism. Worse, some partners may believe that!

When spouses are from different generations, compatibility concerns are inevitable. Their differing views may cause great conflict during discussions and fights. They may also have conflicting priorities.

Couples with large age gaps may struggle to have children. If in their prime, either may oppose having children. However, the other spouse worries about their biological clock running out. This might spark a heated argument that could affect marriage.

Such couples often struggle with sexual compatibility since the elder spouse's declining sexual drive or libido can annoy the younger partner. Thus, the younger partner may seek intimacy elsewhere. Couples might also split over sexual frustration.

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