Kadarius Toney says he "never attacked the Chiefs" in his profane diatribe.

Although he is fit, Chiefs receiver Kadarius Toney is uncertain about playing this week. "I'm good," he said to NFL Network on opening night. Despite being reported with a hip ailment before to the AFC Championship Game, he has missed six straight games and is no longer on the injury report.

The day before the AFC Championship Game, Toney verified his absence from the team by sharing an audio tape on social media. In addition to his daughter's birth, he was classified with a hip ailment. Toney appeared to accuse the Chiefs of mishandling injury designations when he declared in his furious tirade that he wasn't hurt.

Toney clarified to NFL Media that his intention was different. He clarified that he was aiming his criticism at Giants supporters rather than the Chiefs, who traded for him in 2022.

"It kind of started like that," Toney remarked in response to a question about if he was attempting to share his history. I got interrupted when I was in the middle of it, so there's a bit of a mixed message there. 

Then, during the release, a significant amount of video was cut, giving the impression that I was actively pursuing my passion. I refrained from making any derogatory comments or attacks against the Chiefs. You wouldn't even notice they were there on my live video;

I was referring to the Giants supporters and the individuals in my comment box. However, I should not have mentioned them. All I wanted to do was step outside. It turns out I should have known better than to do that; all I wanted to do was convey my point about my injury.

I can take pride in my accomplishments and my failures equally because I am a guy. But at the moment, I'm simply ignoring it. We are about to go. All we want is to come out on top.

Toney has 27 receptions for 169 yards in the 2023 regular season. His status as a healthy scratch for Sunday's game is uncertain, as he has yet to appear in a postseason game. With a 5-yard touchdown in the Super Bowl, Toney finished 2022 with seven receptions for 50 yards and a score in three playoff games.