Sleeping situations that can either increase or impair your relationship with your spouse are called "bed positions."

Sleeping with your lover in a certain posture can be significant, especially in intimate or difficult relationships. As we sleep, our bodies twist to find the most comfortable posture, which may include cradling our spouse. Your sleeping posture with your lover might reveal your relationship boundaries. Today is World Sleep Day, so here are several sleeping positions that might help or hurt your relationship.

One of the most popular sleeping positions for couples, it makes them feel safe and secure. One partner cocoons the other in a huge back-hug, providing warmth and security. This sleeping posture is comfy and soothing.

This sleeping posture is popular with couples because it makes them feel safe. This position provides warmth and security as one partner cocoons the other in a huge back-hug. Not unpleasant, this sleeping posture is soothing.

This involves facing each other and intertwining arms or legs. Since the lovers may face one other and fall asleep together, this indicates a pleasant and successful relationship.

While sleeping, the lovers face opposite directions yet touch backs. This indicates a close, trusting friendship. Allowing your lover to stroke your back while sleeping in this comfortable posture can bring you closer emotionally and physically.

Sleeping on your partner's chest with your arms and legs wrapped around each other shows passion. Your presence will protect and comfort your companion while sleeping in this posture, and vice versa. It might be uncomfortable since you get stiff arms and legs.

Couples first tangle when sleeping in this posture. Tangled arms or legs are passionate and personal. When deep slumber sets in, partners disentangle and sleep apart. This suggests the couples are close and independent.

Sleeping with your lover facing each other but not touching might be dangerous. This suggests that you or your spouse may not get enough attention, which can be emotionally draining. While sleeping, you must contact each other, even a little—maybe join hands or fingers.

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