Steve Wilks: Lions' lack of effort and pursuit "unacceptable"

After a 17-point deficit, the 49ers rallied to beat the Lions. The defensive effort that led to the three-score halftime deficit worries the 49ers.

Reporters asked defensive coordinator Steve Wilks about coach Kyle Shanahan and many defensive players' remarks regarding effort and chase against Detroit on Friday.

"I think you should ask them individually," Wilks added. My team and I may say it's unacceptable as a defense, okay? Discussed that. I wish I could tell them on play 4 and 27 what would happen. 

You're unaware. We must play every down as if it would decide the game. Those plays weren't up to standards. Those men knew that, and it was embarrassing.”

It won't be easy against the Chiefs because quarterback Patrick Mahomes can make chicken salad when the play isn't called.

The Chiefs' defense was "it's different things that we have to do," Wilks said. "First, Mahomes is extending plays well. We spoke all week. Two plays in one down. After the ball snaps, he scrambles. He's great. The greatest I've seen at buying time, winning with his feet, and moving the ball downfield.”

That distinguishes decent quarterbacks from great ones. Mahomes is the best because he can create something from nothing.

Which makes Super Bowl effort and goal much more important for the 49ers. The Chiefs will be less likely to let them score again if they start slowly on defense.