Understanding the Role of Added Sugars in the Diet The Effects of Sugar on Health. (Part-1)

Many processed foods and beverages are sweetened with added sugars in the modern diet. Fruits and dairy have natural sugars, while additional sugars and syrups are added during processing or preparation. 

Health problems have been linked to high added sugar consumption. This overview covers added sugars and their health effects:

The role of added sugars is to enhance flavor and sweetness.

Food companies utilize added sugars to make items taste better and more enticing.

Many processed foods' texture, color, and mouthfeel are affected by sugars.

Weight gain and obesity are connected to increased sugar consumption. Obesity is linked to sugary drinks.

A diet high in added sugars increases heart disease risk. High sugar intake may raise triglycerides, drop HDL, and raise LDL.

Chronic inflammation, linked to inflammatory and autoimmune diseases, may result from excessive sugar consumption.

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