US Mint Sales: Commemorative Coins For Harriet Tubman Debut

Last Monday, the United States Mint started accepting pre-orders for its 2024 commemorative coins that pay tribute to the bicentennial of Harriet Tubman's birth. 

An initial look at how they are performing in the early going is provided by the most recent set of sales numbers released by the United States Mint.

When it comes to sales, the statistics are not exactly out of the ordinary. On the other hand, it is anticipated that the shipment of the commemorative items will not start until February.

12, other than the fact that collectors will receive a discount of $5 per coin during the 30-day period in which they are offered at introductory prices, there is no compelling incentive for collectors to buy them now.

Every one of the commemorative coins was one of the greatest sales at the Mint on a weekly basis. In the same manner that it is nearly always the case with commemorative goods, the silver dollars with a proof finish appeared to be the most popular. 

On the other hand, it did not manage to secure the top rank for the week. This accolade was bestowed to the reverse proof set of Morgan and Peace Silver Dollars, which has been unavailable for some time.

Within its most recent report, the United States Mint disclosed sales information for a total of 405 numismatic goods. When compared to the previous report, which included 114 goods, the data showed that 43 products had sales that were higher than their sales from the previous week.

With the exception of the new commemoratives, only two items had rises of more than one thousand units, whereas in the previous report, four goods saw such an increase.

In addition, there were two goods that had quarterly sales that were negative, whereas there were nine in the preceding report. There was a little decrease of 2 units in the quantity of bags of Georgia Innovation dollars struck at the Philadelphia Mint, but the quantity of the 2023 Proof Set decreased by 298 units.

The following tables provide an overview of the most recent sales of numismatic goods produced by the United States Mint. From January 1st until January 7th, the sales period is in effect. Items that are denoted with an asterisk (*) are either no longer available or have not been reported to have sold.

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