Warner candidly discusses the life-altering impact of his Super Bowl defeat.

Santa Clara— Frederick Warner expects many similarities between the 49ers' Super Bowl LIV loss and their Super Bowl LVIII rematch with the Kansas City Chiefs in a week.

Warner feels it's a new Super Bowl with mainly different personnel, but one part of that Miami game bothers San Francisco's All-Pro linebacker and will effect his play in the rematch against Kansas City.

"We're up by 10 points late in the game, and I'm thinking, 'Hey, we're about to win us a Super Bowl,'" Warner said. "That changed fast, you know? That traumatized me for life because I still don't get thrilled until the time reaches zero in preseason, regular-season, or playoff games."

In 2019, the 49ers dominated their playoff games and the first three quarters of their finale. Warner and Co. defeated the Minnesota Vikings 27-10 in the divisional round and the Green Bay Packers 37-20 in the NFC Championship Game.

Later in the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl, the 49ers had a 10-point lead against the Chiefs. When Patrick Mahomes took over, the Chiefs scored 21 unanswered points in the final six minutes. "That's the mindset," Warner instructed. "Playing all the way to the very end because they got a special guy back there throwing the football, and we got to do our best to stop him.

San Francisco has won two straight come-from-behind games in the 2023 playoffs. Maybe the 49ers are more battle-tested and mature, but the locker room veterans will make sure everyone realizes the urgency and effort needed to win the game.

"I'm sure that's going to get built up all week, the rematch, and that sort of thing," he remarked. The two teams are completely different since there are many distinct faces on each side of the ball.

Warner said, "I think we just got to treat this as it is." "We must prepare well and be ready for Sunday. You play 60 minutes." On Thursday, the 49ers began installing their Super Bowl game plan at practice. They'll go to Las Vegas on Sunday to practice for a week before kickoff at 3:30 p.m. PT on Sunday, Feb. 11.