Who leads the US House in 2025? Again, California swing districts might change hands(Part-2)

Rep. Mike Garcia is the last Republican in traditionally Democratic Los Angeles County. Once conservative, the 27th District amid suburbs and high desert north of Los Angeles is now one of the most contested. Garcia has defeated opponents in three elections despite a 12-point Democratic registration margin. Garcia was reelected in 2020 with 333 votes, making it difficult.

Former Navy fighter pilot and Trump supporter with a conservative voting record was first elected by challenging California's liberal government: “I don't want my country to turn into what my state has become.”

A district with defense businesses, veterans, and Los Angeles police and firemen would benefit from Garcia's military experience, which included over 30 combat missions during Operation Iraqi Freedom. His Latino surname, courtesy of his Mexican immigrant father, may assist him in a Latino district

He also pays attention to local issues like crime and marijuana cultivation. George Whitesides, a former NASA chief of staff and House Democratic campaign arm favorite, leads the primary. He's promoted abortion rights and environmental preservation and called Garcia out of touch with the district.

Orange County's 47th District extends along the coast southeast of Los Angeles and was formerly regarded as "Reagan Country," a conservative hub with links to the former president. The seat being vacated by Democratic Rep. Katie Porter, a U.S. Senate contender, is up for grabs in the county, which was formerly mostly white and Republican.

Two Democrats, state Sen. David Min and progressive activist Joanna Weiss, are competing on the November ballot. Former lawmaker Scott Baugh, who nearly lost to Porter in 2022, is the top Republican.

The Central Valley agriculture belt is politically complicated. Democrats have strong registration advantages in America's salad bowl, yet Republicans routinely win those districts. Despite significant registration disadvantages, Republican Rep. David Valadao has survived. Democrats lead his 22nd District by 16 points. He held his seat from 2013 until January 2019, lost it for a term, then gained it back in a 2020 rematch with T.J. Cox.

In November, he may face Rudy Salas, the Democrat he beat in 2022 and backed by House Democrats' campaign arm. Valadao has emphasized his independence while working to acquire additional water for Central Valley farmers

Salas, a moderate, called Valadao a Trump follower disguised as a centrist. The primary ballot pits Salas and Valadao against party members. State Sen. Melissa Hurtado and Salas are battling for Democratic votes. Republican rancher Chris Mathys wants to surprise Valadao.