You haven't heard from him in a month; what may be the possible causes for this?

Does the fact that you haven't heard from your partner for a month indicate that he doesn't care about you? Is he no longer interested in you?

It's possible that the options are unlimited. There are certain answers that are universal to the questions that you keep asking, despite the fact that every guy is unique. Having this list will assist you in comprehending.

Most males are obstinate, no surprise. They dislike being ruled. A month without touch doesn't indicate the guy has a hidden existence you don't know about. He doesn't know how to handle you.

He doesn't understand why his heart wants to go to your doorway but his head thinks you're bad for him. In short, he may not know what to do or want to do.

Men are often vengeful after losing their hearts. Because you haven't phoned, he may not have either. Perhaps he wants to avenge a prior wrong. It may be the tiniest difficulty you caused him. He may recall things you don't even think about. Thus, he may be serving you your own medication. He may be waiting for you to initiate to avoid embarrassment.

Modern dating involves several relational mindgames. If he hasn't contacted you in four weeks, he may be playing hard to get or testing his dominance. Most males use this method. You may want to follow him, but he doesn't want to demonstrate his weakness, so he leaves you confused.

Every guy fears something. He may not be calling out of fear. Some men can't resist running away when they feel emotional about you. They think their affections for you are a weakness that might destroy him. This is typical for emotionally wounded men. These men fear getting wounded, but they won't acknowledge it. He may avoid phoning you out of fear of rejection.

Finally, he may have found someone else and stopped contacting you after a month. He may have reunited with his ex or been with her all along. No more single and thinking about you. He may be seeing someone if you tracked him on all his social media and found nothing. Personal privacy is important to some. He may lie about his love life. Since he treated you like garbage, you should be grateful he's gone.

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